Every pieces of MOXOR stands for its own brand spirit with the unique and eco-friendly manufacturing procedure, differ with mass-production products polluting earth critically, MOXOR selects and refines upcycled materials to intergrade the value through delicate design. By the treatment below, you will see how we make every MOXOR as one of a kind.



With all the support from our premium and exclusive supply chain, we select and refine conservative material and unused leather from luxury brands’ manufacturer; most of materials have unique marks after nature treatment and usage, so it makes MOXOR’s specialty.




In our first launch, we upcycle leathers from motorcycle seat pad at first; in this cutting process, due to the character of 3D touch, it takes a long time and professional treatment to make it practical for cutting and designer’s inspiration.





To assure the procedure of MOXOR treatment harmless to earth, we do not allow any chemical dye and process that is not eco-friendly. By using green and nature lotion, we clean dusts, disinfect, and delicate leather surfaces in order to enhance quality besides the nature grains.



Every pieces of MOXOR is one of a kind and hand-crafted, based on this, every pieces of leather materials and parts has to go through our assemble center in light to have perfect matches and re-design availability. Here also is one tip making the whole product system so characteristic and sophisticated, that is, all matt products of MOXOR are selective-made of “X Grain” and “Animal Skin”, and all the difference location of cuts and patterns just make all the MOXOR unique and the only one in the world perfectly.






After matching and assembling for designs, we re-shape materials in order to make all the details in a neat process. Due to the tough and texture, all MOXOR handcraft is executed by experienced and talented craft masters, by their crafted hands and extremely strict skills, MOXOR stands out with its uniqueness.

craft craft_SHAPE



In the last procedure, some of leather pieces would need some maintains and bead coating to make it more delicate, and then, when it is all finished, we place all the masterpieces into the package and ship to every MOXORIAN. All the products take 30-45 days to handmade.



  • Each piece of upcycled MOXORs and patterns are unique and different in the world.
  • Carefully handmade in TAIWAN and limited in availability.