MOXOR @ (capsule) Las Vegas

Launching at Capsule Las Vegas, MOXOR makes bags out of recycled materials. 


The X-Rider Laptop sleeve features functional details like waterproof and durable leather, and a water repellent zipper. A front invisible zipper accommodates electronic equipment, mobile phone and other portable small objects. 


The X Gear Dry Bag is made with waterproof PVC on a matte black surface, and uses high-frequency processing bonded seams technology which makes it completely waterproof under water. The bag body provides multiple buckles, and can be converted into a backpack or shoulder bag by adjusting straps according to the different needs of users. 


The X Rider Backpack made with environmental friendly waterproof PVC and zippers which strengthen durability and outstanding performance. It includes a diagonal oversize front pocket with multiple sleeve pockets to hold small items. The main large pocket provides protection for laptop, built-in multi-type pockets, and both sides of the bag can fix items and place a water bottle. 


The X Dualsuit Backpack includes environmental friendly nylon and heterogeneous PVC seams.